Tuesday, April 23, 2013

#summer --> Bobo Choses

Today has been as sorta good day. Sorta. I felt like I spend the entire day in my head. Andrew and I were really out of it since we only got a couple hours of sleep last night, so our sanity was literally pending on a thread. So, I guess I found refuge in my thoughts. I've been having a serious longing for adventure today. I just wanted to get in the car and drive somewhere, dive in the ocean or climb some mountain. Be one with the elements. Leave all worries in a drawer and let the sun rays kiss me for hours. When I opened my eyes, I found myself at home. Cooking. Cleaning. Nurturing. Although I wasn't able to relieve the desire to feel the weight of a backpack in my shoulders or see a ticket hidden in my passport, I realized I could choose to enjoy the adventure that is jumping and singing and giggling right before my eyes: my children. My husband. My home. I have the power to transform a daunting routine into a beautiful sequence of exciting, loud and unforgettable moments. I didn't make that decision today. My soul chose to protest the apparent lack of wild. Too bad for me. I sure missed out. But tomorrow (oh, how I love tomorrows), I'll have a shiny new chance to make the right decision. To create my own adventures. To (thrive and) grow where I'm planted.

Talking about adventures, summer is around the corner and oh my stars, I ran into the amazing Bobo Choses summer collection! (drool). These people are genius! I love every single item, and they even came up with a few items for women as well. Geez. You can see more of their amazing products here. What are your favorites?


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  1. I drool too. My favorite from this collection is the orange striped raglan with the bag of groceries on the front. SO perfect!