The idea of Kiidsnob started as a place where you could find the latest trendy styles for mom/kiid. I wanted it to be edgy, stylish and extremely fun. Don’t get me wrong: I still do. However, in the path of its development, I ran into an unexpected need in us as mothers that I could not ignore: the need for affirmation, acceptance, approval in the midst of our chaos. The need for someone to stop and say: hey there! you’re doing a good job, I’m proud of you!. So, this puppy quickly evolved into a gathering place, a safe haven for moms that feel like they have no clue  as to what they’re doing and think they’re the only ones feeling this way out there.  You’re welcome.

This blog loves mom/kiid style (I mean, LOVES style), editorial photography, fun activities, healthy organic eating and some real life blurbs here and there.

WARNING: this is a no judge zone.

Encouragement is the heartbeat of this blog. Keep it alive. Fuel it with love. We all need grace. Take a sip and pass it along.

#Kiidsnob: building a happy+healthy generation, one family at a time.