Friday, January 18, 2013


So, we ended up canceling our boy's bday party because he's sick. :/. Only God knows when we'll reschedule this party; this month is full of all sorts of events. Since we had to be locked in our house due to sickness overload, we were all being grumpy and moody for the past 3 days. We REALLY needed to get out. Couldn't handle any more confinement. 

We decided to go to one of our most favoritest spots for dinner: Arturo's Taco Truck. This is definitely THE BEST taco place around and it's run by the nicest latin dude, Juan. Since there's no sitting arrangements and it's cooold around here, we all sat in the back of our Pilot with the heat on and ate our tacos and quesadillas all snuggled up. Josiah is obsessed with going on "adventures" so this was a treat for him. Afterwards, we made a quick stop at his favorite spot, Starbucks (yes, I know, already, we got him started early lol). We came back home after our little adventure all happy and excited. They went to bed super fine and Andrew and I are now painting some, drinking some, enjoying each other some.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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