Thursday, January 24, 2013

#May2013 = New York!

On the 26th, I'm turning 29. My last "twenty". Wow. I'm finally here, at this point in life. I have to admit I'm pretty excited about my thirties (maybe because of the fact that I still feel like 18?? #scratcheshead). Anyways, my best friend just came to me one day and said: Hey, I want to take you to New York ... it's gonna be my belated birthday present for you". I said something like : WHAAAAAAAAAAAA???? HOLY CRAP!!!!. 

I took my mom to NYC last August. It was our very first time in the City of Lights, and holy shoot, that place has a magic, a magical vibe in the air that makes every cell of your body feel alive and on steroids!. When we came back from that trip, I started missing the city almost instantly. For the longest time I daydreamed different scenarios and schemed numerous plans that would, somehow, take us back. I wanted to breathe that air once again. I longed to feel "that" alive.

I cannot believe I'm going back, and this time, I'll have my best friend by my side. Like the awesome nerd I am, I downloaded a countdown app on my phone and I stare at it every day. I'm not posting a picture of that app because it's a pretty lamo one, so until I find a cool one that's worth being posted, I'll keep it in quiet anonymity. All I can say is: Four. Freaking. Months. Holy crap. 

Hey, NYC, here we come, gorgeous. See ya in a bit.


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